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For Tracy Hyde - he(r)art


1.Opening Logo (FTH Entertainment) 2.Theme for “he(r)art” 3.Floor 4.Echo Park 5.アフターダーク 6.Dedication 7.Leica Daydream 8.指先記憶装置 9.Underwater Girl 10.Ghost Town Polaroids 11.Frozen Beach 12.A Day in November 13.放物線 14.Just for a Night ...

For Tracy Hyde - Film Bleu


1.There’s A Story In Your Eyes, And I Will Read Between The Lines 2.Her Sarah Records Collection 3.SnoWish; Lemonade 4.Outcider 5.Crystal 6.First Regrets 7.Overexposure 8.Favourite Blue 9.Shady Lane Sherbet 10.Emma 11.あたたかくて甘い海 12.fallingaslee...

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